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In order to have the models necessary to do the reviews that are included in this magazine we need 200 or more commercial grade models each year. Some of the models we use are sent by dealers/designers who wish to have their companies mentioned in the magazine but most of the models are purchased by the magazine itself. In order to continue to keep running the magazine without running ads or charging a subscription rate we ask that you consider visiting the Cardmodelers Online Sell Page and buying the models offered for sale. Here you will find models that have been purchased by the magazine. Some have been purchased for review and others just to support the magazine. When you buy one of these models the money goes to buy other models to use for a review or pay for other expenses required to keep the magazine running.

We cannot be dependent on what the dealers/designers send us for review. Most card model dealers are small and can not afford to send us the large expensive models. The shipping and money transfer fees are high enough from the Eastern European countries to prevent them from sending us many models from there. The goal here is to raise the money so that the magazine can afford to purchase the above models. The dealers/designers that have been sending us models for review have been more than generous but we do not want to take advantage of their generosity.

We still are receiving models from the dealers/designers who continue to support us. It is with your help that in buying these models that we hope we can move the magazine a "step up". This, along with the continued help of the dealers/designers, will increase the content of the magazine to include more and different types of card models.

If you would like to have a model reviewed in the magazine, send the model to:
Saul H. Jacobs
PO Box 24202
Tucson, AZ. 85734
Your continued help in support of the magazine is greatly appreciated.