Articles and reviews by Josef Fuchs, Bill Geoghegan, Rich Marsh, Mike Stamper and Jeff Sissons


    First Looks:         Bill Geoghegan (for Saul Jacobs)

This section contains initial reviews of models that dealers have available or that designers have recently released. Not all models are new; some are re-releases, and some are models a dealer is carrying for the first time. Most models have been sent in by the dealers/designers listed at the bottom of the column for review. Some are models that reviewers have purchased for their own collections. All models will be available from one of the dealers listed at the bottom of the page. This column will be limited in scope until the regular author returns from sick leave.

Construction Reviews:    

These reviews show the construction of card models step by step. They include descriptions of the construction process with pictures showing the steps. They also include pictures showing the completed model.

  Wrebbit's Mercedes-Benz 500K in 1:10 Scale (Part 2) by Jeff Sissons

  ABC Magazine's "Generic" Castle  in ~1:150 scale by Mike Stamper

Articles and Interviews 

  Micromodels USA:  Bringing New Micromodels to Life  by Matthew Sparks

  Project "Paper to Metal"  1:25 scale sIG-33 Conversion (Part 1) by Josef Fuchs

  World Names for Card Models  by Miles Linnabery

Miles has been good enough to compile a list of words and phrases for "card model" and "card modeling" in several different languages. The intent is to help modelers in their never-ending Web search for new card models and information on card modeling. This is a work in progress, and information on languages not covered, additional words and phrases in the languages already listed, and corrections would be gratefully appreciated. Please send your contributions to Miles Linnabery, to the acting editor (Bill Geoghegan), or to the Cardmodelers Mailing List at list@cardmodelers.org.

Updates will be posted in future issues of Card Modelers Online.

Photo Reviews and Short Kit Reviews:    

These reviews concentrate on completed card models through photos, brief descriptions, construction tips and overall impressions.

  GPM's Bristol Blenheim in 1:33 Scale by Josef Fuchs


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