2002 Western Ship Model Conference
by David Okamura

2002 Western Ship Model Conference Captions

01 The Conference was held at the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA, April 5-7, 2002. Note the Soviet submarine in the foreground.
02 We were conservative on the banner -- official count was 330 ship models!
03 Free Internet ships -- Pocket Yachts, harbor and Viking ship, HMVS Cerberus, HMS Dreadnought, SS Mecklenburg II.
04 HMS Dreadnought, shantyboat, attack submarine, Ambrose, minesweepers, "Pop-Up" Galleon, V-108, fireboat, police patrol boat and Isolda.
05 Isolda, fireboat, police patrol boat, Snapping Turtle submersible, JMSDF destroyers, Japan Coast Guard, Duyfken and speedboat.
06 Imogen Zimmer's USCGC Point Bridge, Wilhelmshaven SS John W. Brown, with framework of SS Jeremiah O'Brien to show interior structure.
07 Tom Slawik's H. L. Hunley {much modified), David Hathaway's CSS Virginia, USS Monitor and HM Monitor 33. Note the guns next to the Virginia's bow.
08 1:400 scale ships. Fabrizio Prudenziati's Graf Spee, JSC U-606 and ORP Burza with photoetched railings, Gunnar Sillen's Visby "stealth corvette".
09 Mayer Brenner did an excellent job with the JFS Roman Merchantman
10 Peter Crow's Kranich torpedo boat, from the Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum kit
11 Peter Crow's B-98 torpedo boat and SMS Sachsen, both from HMV.
12 Another shot of the SMS Sachsen and B-98, along with David Hathaway's Soelve, also built by Peter Crow.
13 Wilhelmshaven ships. Battleship Schleswig-Holstein made by Mayer Brenner, Nella Dan and Rainbow Warrior made by Lou Dausse.
14 More of Lou Dausse's models. Reprint Mark Twain sidewheeler, cutaway Nautilus and Italian battleship Duilio. Barely visible is a USS Monitor with full interior.
15 F. Richard Dressler's 1:150 scale USS Monitor, due to be released soon. Note naval howitzer guns on deck.
16 Another view of Lou Dausse's ships, including the Yacht America from JFS.
17 A closeup of Matt Spark's new Clermont, in the old Micromodels style.
18 "Jayo" Sutton, one of the many card modelers who visited the Conference.
19 Jim Nunn and Mayer Brenner discuss paper models.
20 Local high school student Alex Espinoza's amazing 1:87 USS Forrestal and USS Missouri, scratchbuilt from brown corrugated cardboard.
21 Lou Dausse's PMI booth. Aircraft carrier is USS Intrepid from JSC.
22 Another shot of Lou Dausse and customers. (Dan Shippey to extreme left.) JSC's Radetzky battleship in foreground.
23 Peter Heesch of H&B Precision Card Models talking with paper modeler Harry Frye from St. Louis.
24 Peter Heesch with customers at the H&B booth.

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