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April 2003
Senior Editor: Saul H. Jacobs
Editors -- Architectural: Andrew McCauley -- General: DeWayne Barnett, Mike Krol
Vehicles: Neil Linnell
Reviews and Articles by W.M. Elzerman, John Freeman, Alan Frenkel, Matthias Harbers, Ron Hoolwerf, Raimund Paul Kelterer, Horst Muerell, Jim Nunn, Ralf Schnurbusch, Matthew Sparks, Mike Stamper, Anselmo Zeri


Around the Industry:     

This section shows Card model releases by major designers and publishers in the card modeling industry. Also shown are new items and re-stock items by dealers who carry card models.

Around the Industry by Saul H. Jacobs

First Looks:     

This section contains initial reviews of models that dealers have available or that designers have recently released. Not all models are new, some are re-releases and some are models a dealer is carrying for the fist time. Most models have been sent in by the dealers/designers listed at the bottom of the column for review. Some are models that reviewers have purchased for their own collections. All models will be available from one of the dealers listed at the bottom of the page.

First Looks by Saul H.Jacobs

Construction Reviews:    

JSC Dutch Windmill by Matthew Sparks
Paper Trade 1/50 scale Douglas X-3 "Stiletto by Matthias Harbers
Digital Navy's 1/32 P-26 by Alan Frenkel
Rozmberk Part 4 by Mike Stamper
Halinski PzKpfw V Panther by Jim Nunn
Wilhelmshaven 1/250 Polarstern by Ralf Schnurbusch

Review showing the construction of card models step by step. Includes description of the construction with pictures showing the steps. Includes several pictures showing the completed model.

Photo Reviews:    

Pictures of completed card models with a description of the model.

Wilhelmshaven 1/50 Whirlwind by Anselmo Zeri
Wilhelmshaven 1/50 Me 163 by Anselmo Zeri
Wilhelmshaven 1/50 Tornado by Anselmo Zeri
Wilhelmshaven 1/50Spitfire by Anselmo Zeri
Marek Pacynski's 1/50 SZD-6-X "Nietoperz" (Bat) by John Freeman
1/50 Willy's Jeep by Toni Mauricio by Matthias Harbers
Passat Verlag Sea Rescue Cruisers by Horst Muerell
Schreiber's Yacht America by Ron Hoolwerf
Wilhelmshaven 1/50 Lockheed F-117A Stealth Fighter by Raimund Paul Kelterer
P. Spinler Ferrai F1 by W.M. Elzerman

DeWaynes Corner     

A humorous look at our hobby and ourselves.

DeWaynes Corner by DeWayne Barnett

Articles and Editorials     

Editorials and Card Modeling Articles

Demise of the Card Formations magazine
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Go the page listed below and buy one of the models listed there. These models have been donated by private individuals or purchased for use in this magazine. Moneys used from the purchase of these models will be used to purchase further models for review. This page will change as new models come in so you might want to periodically check it.

Models for sale

Special Events:

This page shows special events that have occurred during the previous month. This will include births, deaths and other important events that affects card modelers. It also will show those whose donations make this magazine possible.

Special events Thanks to Frank Johnson for his contribution of models. Thanks to Moshe Lemer for his contribution of models.

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